Three couples go camping and one couple forgets their tent. So they decide the men will sleep in one tent, and the women will sleep in the other.

In the middle of the night, John says, "Bob, look at this ******* hard-on I’ve got. It must be all the fresh air. I’m going over to see my wife."

Bob says, "You want me to come with you?"
John says, "Why the **** would I want you to come with me?"
Bob says, "Because that’s my **** your holding."
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LMHO :))

very good :)

lmaotmsh lol

I am confused, from qwhere to start............


LOL! Small tent.

atleast his wife will have something to enjoy...hahahahaha...


Wicked funny!!!


Haha, classic!

the difference between a toilet seat and bartender<br />
the toilet seat takes care of one ******* at a time, <br />
bartender takes care of a bunch of ******** at one time<br />
********************************************<br />
a women and her husband where fighting one morning about sex, the husband gets up and<br />
goes to work,later the husband calls the wife on the phone, it rings a dozen times<br />
the husband asked, what took you so long to answer the phone, wife replied, i was in bed<br />
gettting a second opinion<br />
*********************************************<br />
a couple descide to put 10 dollars in a piggybank every time they had sex, months pass<br />
the husband accidently broke the piggybank and notice 50 dollar bills in there he asked<br />
his wive whats this, she replied that not everyone is as cheap as you

Ha Ha Ha, that is a great one. :-)

Ha! Good one!

another good one

I love it! Lol


Hahahahaha...what a joke! Bob can really feel his own ****!!

:)<br />


Nice one

lol - cool


That must have been in the south some where.

No, I would think it was more likely a group from California or Oregon.



thats too funny lol