My New Bikini.....loving It??????


zuzi57 zuzi57 51-55, F 8 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini,

We can clearly see the fat ..... lol

I like it, does it come in pink, lol?

Oh sure pink red and green But I thought that my skin tone required the yellow

Mine too, but I just gotta get two, lol

**jealous** ...

Oh don't be darling just from E-bay

bargain!! sets off your curves so well

You're looking wonderful and such a nice tan.

took me ages in the solarium thanks so finally I got there

you look fantastic LMAO<br />
may i be added as a friend Please

suuuuure hon but no marriage my boyfriend is a very jalapeƱos lion

Hey, that looks like me before I lost that hundred pounds. Lol

shame U lost it I would have consider U very seriously hon

OH crap I feel for that

I new it straight away when I bought it that people will envy it sooooo much ;o)

can I rub tanning oil on being that I am the first to fall for it

Oh we can have a date on the nude-y beach
and go skinny dipping GRRRRRR

sure hon just need to get that lion of my drunk

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