Corn **** :-)

*giggle*  the Marvin Gaye at the end kills me!!!!
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Gives new meaning to "popcorn" now doesn't it? LOL

:) the lady on the left,is way better at it......

hehehe!!!!!! ;-)

lol !!!


or should I say off (double meaning there) LOL

Tsk tsk tsk the corn is getting it on.


Very funny, it seems like it should be skit on SNL.

I would have NEVER seen that with out you. Thanks for that few minutes of unreality.

*giggle* :-)

She handled that ear of corn like a funny!
The Marvin Gaye song is the piece de resistance....thanks for the good laugh

This is hilarious. Rachel seems to get how odd it is but that other poor lady .... LOL

Just add a little butter to make it tasty.

Oh yeah!!!!!!! *wink* :-)

lol :)

too funny

Now to get my corn threaded!

LOL Ticklish! :-)

Great! ...either of them can thread my shaft (with or without a rubber) any day!! ...bring it on!


Yes they do mother! :-)

That is cool.

LOL Hey the words rhymes too.

LOL mchle!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I was expecting the corn to start popping!

what starts with "P" and ends with "orn"

:D popcorn

*giggles* ;-)

When i heard about this great tip i could hardly wait to get my hands on an ear of corn. It works great and it is so much fun rubbing the rubber band down the shaft of the corn , it really works like they say, it is amazing how the hairs of the corn just get removed, now i don't have to worry about picking those annoying hairs out of my teeth., and i can just sit back and enjoy the sweet taste. Thanks again for the great tip.

You know what i mean, right? Normally i get all these hairs in my mouth and i have to keep taking them out of my mouth but now with this new tip it is so easy to remove all the hairs and then than just enjoy the taste of the fruit, i think it actually tastes sweeter too. i just love having a nice big fat juicy ear of corn, mmmm yummy.

Oh my, that was very funny, I loved it. Thank you for sharing

at the price of corn today,I'm glad I can do that for free! HOOOT!

*giggles at Tiponi * ;-)

That is ****** awesome! <br />
Im still laughing

LOL!! :-) Thanks fireboy! I loved it!

I love it it makes i look so easy, don't have to struggle with it anymore. i have to try this the next time i buy corn on the Cobb, thanks for the good tip

LOL Bi4 ......That was cute!!!! Loved the end when they were having 'the cigarette' ....;-)

LOL :-) That was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suom0a she does look like she's enjoying it doesn't she? LOL!!!

Keep on stroking it, Rachel. I always knew that you were naughty.