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The Wrong Choice

A man dies and ends up in hell. He is shown three doors and told that he mus choose to spend eternity behind one of them. The man says he wants to see what is behind each one before he decides. The devil thinks about this for a moment and agrees to his request.

The man looks in the first room and sees people moving red hot coal from one pile to another with their bare hands while they are being whipped by demons. They are getting terrible burns but are not allowed to stop.

"No i don't fancy that." says the man, "Show me the next one."

Behind the second door there is a similar scene but this time it is blocks of ice that people are being forced to move from one pile to another.

"Better," says the man "But I still don't fancy it"

Behind the third door There are a group of people standing around drinking tea and eating biscuits, while up to their waists in raw sewage.

"That don't look too bad." says the man. "This is the one for me."

He wades in and gets himself a cup of tea and a biscuit. It is the best tea and biscuit he has ever tasted. He is starting to enjoy himself when a whistle blows.

A demon shouts out "OK lads. Tea break over. Back on your heads!"
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Oh man....I think I will lead a good life from now on