Slow Golfers

One sunny spring day Joe decides to take his boss. Bill to play a quick nine holes during their lunch.
While both men are playing well, they keep finding their progress blocked by the two woman golfers ahead of them.
Tired of constantly having to wait, Joe offers to talk to the woman, to see if they will let the men play through.
Joe get's half of the way to the woman then quickly turns around and Jog's back.
Bill ask Joe, "what seems to be the problem?"

"Bad news" says Joe. "One of the woman is my Mistress, the other is my wife!"

"Well hell, Let me take care of this !" Says Bill

Bill gets half of the way to the woman, stops and turns around, then Jogs back.

"What's going on?" ask Joe.

"It's a small world Joe, a very small world, and your fired!"
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lol !