Priest And Rabbi

a priest and a rabbi die and go to the pearly gates. when they get to heaven peter says can i help u boys? the priest answered yes we have just died and would like entrance into heaven.Peter says hold on let me see what i can do for u guys, checking his list and says sorry fellas u cant enter heaven ur not on the list. The priest said what do u mean we served god u gotta let us in. Peter says sorry fellas no list no entry,but seeing the disapointment in the priest and rabbi's face peter says i tell u what u guys go ahead and go to hell and if satan will let u come back u can go into heaven no questions asked.Hearing this the priest and rabbi left for hell as peter just laughed he knew satan would never let anyone come back to heaven! Ten minutes later heres come the priest. Holly **** says peter u mean he let u i guys come back? Yea says the priest he was in a good mood and for 20 bucks we could come back! Then peter says wait a second wasnt there a rabbi with u? Yea answers the priest. Well where the hell is he at asked peter. The priest answers idk when i left he had satan down to 19.95
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good one.