Hell Freezez Over!

There once was a cowboy who was a good dude but wasnt saved so when he died he went to hell! When he gets to hell satan meets the cowboy and ask him well how do u like it here?The cowboy answers its hot but u dont beat texas! Seeing this as a insult satan turned the heat and came back cowboy had his boots off. Satan ask again how u like it now? cowboy replies u still dont beat texas! Seeing at as another insult satan turns the heat up once more, comes back to see the cowboy with his pants off,and ask how u like it now? Cowboy replies still dont beat texas! Taken another insult satan turns the heat for the last time and sees the cowboy with out his shirt, and ask how u like it now? cowboy replies didnt u hear the first two time U DONT BEAT TEXAS HEAT!! Then it hits satan, if i cant burn him up ill freeze him out, so satan turns the heat all the way down comes to see the cowboy jumping up and down with his hat off shouting in the air! Confused by this satan ask the other deamons wth is going on with cowboy over there the deamons say idk he crazy! So satan walks over to cowboy and says HEY, COWBOY UR IN HELL WHAT DO U HAVE TO CELEBRATE ABOUT? Cowboy answers didnt u hear?Satan hear what?Cowboy replies u mean u didnt hear? satan replies hear what?Cowboy answers THECOWBOYS WON THE SUPERBOWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
1 Response May 1, 2012

Joke works better with a team that hasn't won a Superbowl.