Still In Its Case

A man was going to marry the woman of her dreams but she was a virgin.They argued over this for a while.One week before the wedding he goes and plays golf with his buddies and one of his buddies hits the ball and totally miss's the hole and hits the soon to be groom in his balls. The groom seeing that he was in so much pain went to the doctor and the doctor tells him nothings wrong but the swelling wont go down for atleast a month. The groom tells the doctor that wont work im getting married in a week. Well theres is one thing i could do said the doctor.Whats that the groom asked. I could put it in a splint. The groom said ok do that. So the groom n bride have a good marriage and go on their honeymoon. On the first night there the wife push's the groom onto the bed takes off her shirt and says see these aint nobody seen these ur the first.The groom said thats nothing pulls his pants down and says mines still in the case
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
May 11, 2012