Lightning Strikes...

A young couple was about to have a baby...

Finally the wife started going into labor. At the hospital, after checking in, the nurse settles the wife onto the birthing bed and the husband into the adjoining chair. Then, the doc mentions, "Hey, we have been expiramenting on a machine that transmits the labor pains from the mother to the father of the baby, would you like to give it a try?"
The husband and wife look at eachother, then say, "sure! Let's go for it."
So the doc hooks the two up to a funny little square machine.
We'll start at the lowest level on the dial, the doc says.

The wife looks at the husband. " I don't feel anything, do you?"She asks. The husband shakes his head no.
The doc turns the notch up a little. "How about now?" He asks.
The young couple looks at eachother and both shake their heads.

"Hmm. Well that's odd,"He says. " Let's turn it up almost all the way, your baby should crown here in a sec." The couple nods, then just sits there.
"Nothing?!? Really?!?" The doc exclaims.
When the couple shakes their head, the doctor turns the notch up all the way.
"Here comes the baby", he exclaims, while the couple sits there calmly.
A few days later...

As the couple pulls up to their doorstep, they find their mailman fried to a crisp on their driveway.
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May 12, 2012