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This is a TRUE story !

A friend of mine runs a lingerie business on-line.

Some time back she had a customer just before Christmas who purchased a basque. It turned out to be too small and she asked if she could return it. My friend agrees, subject to a 10% re-stocking fee (per terms of sale), whilst she points out to the buyer that she doesn't HAVE to accept a return under hygiene rules.

When a refund is not forthcoming within days (before the item has arrived back), buyer complains. The package is in fact undelivered, being badly addressed, and gets returned to the buyer. Buyer gets more stroppy ; sends back once more. My friend eventually gets it back and makes immediate refund.

She then receives the following sarcastic e-mail :

Just wondering how many more people you've ripped off by making them pay postage twice when it wasn't their fault. Hope to do business with you again … NOT !

Not being in the best of moods, my friend said what she really wanted to for a change - and, as she told me at the time BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD !! :

Let's get this straight.

1. YOU asked to return the basque because it did not fit. Would you take a dress back to Marks & Spencer and ask them to pay your petrol money and car parking fees for the privilege ?

2. Our Terms of Sale are QUITE CLEAR and LEGALLY BINDING

3. We did not "make you pay postage twice". You paid postage for returning the item. It came back to you because YOU misaddressed it. If you have a problem with utilising the postal system take it up with ROYAL MAIL

4. "Hope to do business with you again … NOT !" - I can assure you that you are no loss. Normally if someone asks to return an item we go out of our way to make sure they are happy in every way. In your case you were so pig ignorant it was a pleasure to know that sticking to our Terms of Sale has irritated you so much.

Merry Christmas. May I suggest that you ask for membership of Weight Watchers from your nearest and dearest so you can fit your fat arse in the next piece of clothing you buy.

Head of Customer Services

HampshireHaystack HampshireHaystack
61-65, M
May 13, 2012