20 Years Of Marriage

A man and woman got married and on their wedding night it was their first time together sexually. the husband insisted that they have sex with the lights off and under the covers.

It was like this every time they had sex for the next 20 years, and their family grew and she over the course of that time had given birth to 3 kids.

One night the wife decided she wanted to have sex with the lights on since they never had in their 20 years of marriage.

The next time they were getting intimate the wife threw the blankets off of them and turned on the lights...

to her surprise her husband was completely flaccid and was ******* her with a *****...

She yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

The husband replied "I'll be Happy to explain my lifelong erectile dysfunction if you can explain to me how we have 3 kids."
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May 16, 2012