He Is Out Sir

There was a teacher who was weary of a student who was troublesome in class. Each morning he could enter the class and ask, "where is he that cannot give me peace?" the whole class would echo " he is here sir.." pointing at the stubborn student.Then he would growl. There was this morning when that stubborn student was sick and had not reported for classes, when the teacher entered, as usual, he asked "where is he that cant give me peace?"The whole class kept quiet! He tried again glancing at the position where the student sat,the whole class giggled " he is out sir." the teacher replied, " that's better let him stay out so that I can have some peace." One student raised up his hand and said "teacher you have to put him back" The teacher replied " no way let him stay out, then I can have peace" another student rose up and told the teacher," for the good of us all, sir you have to put him back'" The teacher roared " I said let him stay out then I can have peace!" At that moment a female teacher came in to deliver some books and ...exclaimed " Why have you let him out?" The male teacher thinking he is being asked about the stubborn boy replied,"because I want to have some peace, let him stay out...or else take him," The female teacher replied shyly " No I don't go in for the circumcised..." She said pointing at the teacher's unzipped trouser!
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36-40, M
May 17, 2012