Who Says Men Rule?


1. They can wear both short pants and skirts

2. There is "women's day." There's no "men's day.:

3. They can be sure that the baby is theirs. Men can never be sure.

4. They get to cry and still looks good. When men cry, they look like jerks.

5. Lastly, they know the difference between a bathroom and a wall.

Now tell me, do we live in a paternal world?

PS: I'm not sexist. This post is just for fun.

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4 Responses May 17, 2012

Men can do all of the above except for childbirth. May not be socially acceptable, but can be done

Actually, if you look at our genetic code, it would seem that the prototype is the female and that males are nothing more than genetically modified females. The modifying genetic instructions are on the Y chromosome. Disable a single gene on that chromosome and all the all male embryos would grow up female.

Well I think that men say men rule. That doesn't make it true.<br />
<br />
According to the Bible God created woman from man. In engineering first you build a prototype and discover all the design flaws. You fix those flaws then build the production model. Maybe us men should turn over control to you guys.

Oh praise to the sky!. A member of the opposite club finally admits it! Yay!, maybe its time to loosen up the sickening grip to your "production models" and give them a chance to shine. :D

Haha Nice!(:

i'm glad you like it. :D

I Do.(: