Three Statue

as she was with her lover at bed the wife heared her husband calling her name as he get closer to the bed room, her lover freakedout and jump naked from the bed :u said he wouldn't be here till another hour , now he is going to kill me , both of us , what am gona do, i don't to die?
the wife looked at him and said : do u see those two naked men statue at the corna, go and stand between them , he wouldn't notice,
the husband walk in , his wife said to him: hi honey u r too early today i was just about to take ashower , i wouln't be late,the husband look at the room : HONEY i think that we alwayes had two statue, not three? the wife replied under the shower: they had alwayes be three, i guss couze u alwayes hate them so hadn't had agood look at them.
the husband: i do still hate them , what the point of having three statues for naked men in our bed room, wait aminute they were just two of them am sure now
the wife:don't be silly
husband:ok then there is only way to get sure, he took out his gun and shot over the statues , to found the that three had run to the door
maybeoo maybeoo
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1 Response May 26, 2012

shot or not ?was there a trail of blood to the door?lol x