My Last Trip To Germany

On my last trip to Germany, I rented a van so we could do some traveling with friends.  Starting off in Hamburg, I was taking my German daughter to visit her father in a town further north.  We got on the autobahn and headed north.  I saw a sign on the side of the road next to the exit that said "Ausfart".  Okay, Ausfart must be down that road...  The next exit was also for Ausfart, at least that's what the sign said.  Must be a fairly big town, I thought, because exits on the autobahn are few and far between.  And then, another ten kilometers down the road, there was another exit leading to Ausfart.  Yep, must be a really big town, or all the roads led to Ausfart.  For the next fifty kilometers, every exit I saw led to Ausfart.  So at the next rest area, which are also very far apart, I pulled over and pulled out the map to look for this town, Ausfart.  Patricia asked me what I was looking for.  Ausfart, I replied, it must be a very big town since every exit I've seen leads to Ausfart...  Dad, she says, Ausfart means exit in German.  Another lesson learned...
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Note to self: Learn some of the language before visiting another country, and don't let Longhorn or Uncleleo navigate the roads.

My first time in Germany I was navagating by foot, and I saw trhe sign for einbahnstrasse. Good, I thought; einbahn street. But then later in another part of town, there was einbahn street again. Finally, after the third one, I realized it was the one-way street sign.