Becoming A Disciple.

Becoming a Disciple.

A man who longed to become a disciple asked to see a master.

“First you must find the answer to a question,” one of the disciples told him. “If you succeed, the Master will accept you as a disciple in three years’ time.”

After he had heard the question, the searcher sought the answer determinedly until at last he found it, and back he went.

The Master’s representative took the answer to the Master, and came back with this message:

“Your answer is correct. Now you may go, and wait until one thousand and one days have passed, and then you may return here to receive your teaching”.

The would-be disciple was pleased. He thanked the messenger, and then asked, “And what would have happened if my answer had been wrong?”

“Oh, in that case you would have been accepted immediately!”

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Looks more like a lesson to learn than a Joke...