Country Family

One morning, as this dad sits on his porch, he sees his son walking off with a roll of chicken wire.
"Wat'cha doin, son?"
"I'm off to get some chickens, Dad!"
"That won't work! You're never gonna catch nuttin'"
But the kid just smiled and walked off. Sure enough, that evening the wire is stretched out with several chickens attached to it.
Next morning, the dad sees his son walking, but this time holding a roll of duck tape.
"Wat'cha doin' son?"
"Oh, I'm getting some ducks fer dinner..."
"Sure, son. Let me know when you get tired and I'll gab ol'Belle and the gun- show you how it's done"
With a smile the kid leaves, comming back hours later with no less than a dozen ducks stuck to the tape.
On the third day the kid starts walking with a handful of plants.
"What's that son?"
"*****-willow, Dad"
"Whoah, slow down, let me grab my hat!"
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26-30, M
Jul 30, 2012