Anyone Got A Condom?

Two elderly women are sitting on the patio at the nursing home smoking their evening cigarettes. It begins to rain lightly, so Mildred pulls a condom out of her pocket, unwraps it, snips the end off with her scissors, and slips it over her cigarette. Sophia comments "That's a great idea" and Mildred says "Yeah, it keeps the cigarette from getting wet, you can get them from the drug store." So the next day Sophia goes into the drug store. She gets her walker right up to the counter and asks the pharmacist for a box of condoms. The pharmacist looks at her a little funny, but says "What kind do you need?". "Oh it doesn't matter" says Sophia "Just so long as they fit a Camel".
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5 Responses Aug 3, 2012

hahahaha! that pharmacist would have fainted there and then. LOL too funny XD

LOL, thnz for this :D

Hahaha..... just woke up and made my day bright..... this is so funny LOL!

If you want it, go directly to medical shop and see right, left, up and down. You will get what you want


*wonders if Sophia meant king, regular, or lights* :P