Two Asprin

A man come home after work to find his wife sleeping with her mouth open. So he goes in the kitchen and comes back and sticks 2 asprin and little water in her mouth. She starts choking and wakes up. She asks her husband " what did you put in my mouth??" He replies " two asprin and a little water." She says " but I don't have a headache." He says " That's all I needed to hear!!".
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the police stopped an 85yr old man who they thought had been drinking before he drove. when asked where he was going he replied to a lecture on alcohol abuse, smoking heavy & misbehaving sexually. the cop said who gives that kind of lecture at 3am? the 85yr old said "my wife"

LOL oops LOL :)

hi Jadewand, what do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night? ans A widow!

that is perfect, lmao

I predict the stores will overload with males and there will be a shortage of asprin, this VERY EVENING!! lol