A Married Man Sadly Tells His Sad Story.

One day while setting on a park bench. I struck up a conversation with a man setting next to me. While we were talking. I asked him if he was married. He told me he had been married :three times and all three of his wives had died. Really I said. I'm so sorry for you. I asked if he could talk about it? He said sure I can I'm over it now. So I said tell me what had happened to his wives. He said my first wife died from poison mushrooms. I said that's terrible. And your second wife I asked. He said she died from poison mushrooms also. Wow. And the third wife I asked. Then I said no wait a minute. I bet she died of poison mushrooms also..huh? And he said "no" she died of a broken neck. She wouldn't eat the mushrooms.
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I wonder if the man had life insurance policies on his wives. :P