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In US a dog was about to bite a lady. A man saw and he kicked the dog to death. Newspaper Headings:
"citizen saves a lady from dog."
the man says, "i'm not a US citizen". So heading's changed
"foreign hero saves a lady from dog"
then he says, "i'm from pakistan".
Next day paper headline:
"terrorist attacked local dog" :D :D
sacrificedthisaccount sacrificedthisaccount 18-21, M 5 Responses Aug 17, 2012

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You don't understand how funny that is after just watching diary of a bad man.


lol gee-- oh, its a joke lol funny.

On a serious note, ever notice that, if you analyze them, all jokes have a tragic flavor to them. The funnier they are, really, the sadder they are?

I just hearted the original joke, and was about to post about my mixed feelings about giving a "heart" to a post which reflects something I am NOT happy about. You said it well.

Media spin again. Would we have a better world without it?