Dim Wit

A blonde walks into a shoe shop in Florida and asks the assistant:

“Have you got any alligator shoes for sale?”.

“Yes!” He replied, “They are $2,500?

“I’m not paying that!” the shocked blonde exclaimed.

“I will go into the Everglades, catch an Alligator and get my own”

“Good luck!” said the amused assistant.

So the blonde walked out of the shop.

At 6 o’clock the assistant had finished work and was on his way home when he saw the blonde waist deep in water, holding a baseball bat.

He shouts over to the blonde; “How are you doing?”.

The blonde points over to a pile of dead alligators layed on the bank.

“I’ve killed 6 alligators and not one of them is wearing shoes!”

Jonn2910 Jonn2910
51-55, M
Aug 19, 2012