We Have Too Many...

A Soviet, a Cuban, a lawyer and an American are riding in a car together one day...

As they are riding along, the Soviet opens a really expensive bottle of vodka and takes a few swigs, afterwards, the bottle still mostly full, he rolls down the window and tosses it out.

The american immediately looks at him, jaw dropping, "What would you do that?! That's a really nice bottle of Vodka!"

The Soviet shakes head and answers, "My friend, if there is one thing we have too much of in Soviet Russia, it is Vodka..."

Several minutes later, the cuban pulls out an expensive cigar, and lights it, taking several puffs, and the, of course, he too, throws the cigar out of the window. Again, the American looks at him and protests, "What?! Why would you do that?! That is a really fine expensive cigar!"

The cuban shakes his head and replies, "My friend, if there is one thing we have too much of in Cuba, it is cigars..."

The american nods and sits back for a while, thinking about this as they ride along. After a while passes, he suddenly leans over, throws the car door open and tosses the lawyer out of the car.

Immediately the Soviet and the Cuban ask, "Why did you just throw that lawyer out of the car?!"

The American smiled and shook his head, "My friends...if there is one thing we have too many in America, it is lawyers..."
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Aug 20, 2012