The Disease

There was this lady that couldn't get a date no matter what she did to get one. She was getting depressed a lot so she confided with her girlfriend about what was bothering her. Her girlfriend said: " Listen I know this good chinese doctor that can help you"...she wrote down his information and gave it to her. The girlfriend called and made an appointment to see the doctor. When she went for her appointment she was told to go into the waiting room, take off all her clothes and sit on the examining table. A few minutes later the doctor comes in and gives her a physical, and asks various questions. After a few minutes he tells her to get off the table, get on her hands and knees and crawl to him. He then tells her to crawl back to the table and put her clothes on. Then he said to her:" I know what iz wrong withz yu." "Well Doctor what is wrong? She asks him." He says: " Yu gots Ed Zachery Disease" "What in the heck is Ed Zachery disease...I never even heard of Ed Zachery!" He then says" Dats whez urz face looka edzachery (Exactly) like urz ***!!!".
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With some people's habits that could put her on to a winner.