Looking For Mr Right.

A single lady who had never had any luck finding a suitable partner, won the lottery. So she decided to have one more try to find Mr Right. She placed an ad in the newspaper which said, " Single female lottery winner seeks a partner who must not beat me up, must not run out on me, and must be very well endowed".

The next day a line of applicants went from her front door all the way round the block. So she began interviewing each one, without success. This continued for the next two months, everyone was totally unsuitable. Gradually the callers stopped coming and she decided to give up. Then one day the doorbell rang, she opened the door, and lying on the doormat was a man with no arms or legs.

"Can I help you?" she asked. " I am here in response to your advertisment" he replied. "So how do you fit the bill" she asked. " well" he said " I have no arms, so I cannot beat you up, I have no legs so I cannot run out on you". "and what about the other thing?" she demanded, "How do you think I rang the doorbell?" he replied!
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Sep 10, 2012