I Wasn't That Drunk

This is what too much of drinking leads to:
"I wasn't that drunk."
"Dude you were in my pool trying to find nemo."
" I wasn't that drunk!"
" you asked your girlfriend if she was single.."
"Dude, I wasn't that drunk."
"You were arguing with yourself, over the phone and got upset when you hung up."
"I wasn't that drunk"
" you were in my closet yelling, "where the hell is narnia?":D
"I wasn't that drunk.."
" you were throwing rocks at my cat screaming "GO PIKACHU!" "
"I wasn't that drunk."
" you hugged a hobo with a white beard and cried DUMBLEDORE YOU'RE BACK!"
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

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That was funny. :D

I know. lol :D

disney channel is clearly a bad influence.... cartoons, witches, wizards, fish...wtf...