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We had a servant who was little bit of an idiot. One day, my register was finished and I thought let me get a new one from the nearby shop, so I called him and showed him the journal. He took few minutes to see and said yes I can get this one for you. It was almost 3 hours and he was not returning, we got worried too, as he was from the village, we thought maybe he lost his way.
Then he showed up looking very exhausted and pale, journal was not bought by him. I asked him, " what happened"
He replied, " Madame, they have this journal but the pages are all empty not like the one you have, its all written up."

:))) hmmm moral of the story is, always explain clearly what he should look for and what to be found..
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sometimes innocent people doesnt think the way we do and this kind of people need to be remindede what and why they will do and if he/she understand sometimes it happens to me here,and you know what even im almost going to be annoyed i just LOL and release the tension by understanding that this people is simply very innocent and dont know about the world....

yes..thats true..we must realize and be sensitive to their level

Yes it doesnt mean they are cretin people and so dumb but somehow innocence surpass this things and we should go to there level to make harmonious relationship as well...for God love the Poor and needy,dumb,and all the people cast by the society and its our call to help them...AMEN




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