A young man met this hot girl and she invited him for dinner before they go out later that night. On the day of the date he goes to the pharmacy and asks the Pharmacist for some condoms. " what size pack do you want" the pharmacist asked. Boldly he states " I have a date with a real hottie tonight and I am sure to score, she has a very sexy mother too so just to be safe give me a six pack". He paid and left.

That night at the girls house the dinner table was set and everyone was sitting at the table already waiting for the girl's dad to return from work. As her father entered the kitchen and sat down the boy grabbed the girls hand bowed his head and said let us pray and say grace for this wonderful food. He started the prayer and continued it for a very long time thanking everyone he could think of.

When he finally finished the girl whispered to him " I didn't know you were so religious"

He answered back

" I didn't know your father is a PHARMACIST !!"

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