Johnny Again

The grade 5 class had a show and tell day at school.

Every one had a turn to show and tell but Johnny wasn't in class.

Just before the end of the class period a loud noise from outside interrupted class and every one rushed to the door to see what is the cause of the commotion.

Up the hallway came Johnny pushing a respirator and the hard rubber wheel caused the noise as he pushed it over the tiled floor. He pushes it into the class room and stood proudly waiting for every one to take their seats.

Teacher :- Johnny what is this.

Johnny :- It is a respirator ma'am, people who suffers from lung problems and who cannot breathe properly on their own use this to help them to breathe.

Teacher ( amazed ) :- Wow Johnny that is very good, but tell me, where did you get this respirator ?

Johnny ( very pleased with himself ) :- It belongs to my grandfather ma'am.

Teacher ( a bit concerned now ) :- Does you grandfather use this respirator, Johnny ?

Johnny :- Yes ma'am, every day.

Teacher ( very concerned now ) :- What did your grandfather say when you asked him to bring it to school for show and tell ?

Johnny :- Not much ma'am, he just said

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Sep 28, 2012