The son asks his dad "what is politic?"

the dad explains: "let's take our family as an example, I bring the money home so let's say I am the capitalism. Your mother manages the money so let's say she is the government. We are responsible for your well-being so let's say you are the Nation. Our maid who works for us is the working class and your baby brother is the Future. So do you get it now my son?" "yes." He answers.

The son wakes up at night because his baby brother cries and needs his diaper changed. He knocks at his parents bedroom but his mothers sleeps and won't wake up, so he goes to the maid and finds his dad in her bed, but also they totally ignore him. So the son goes back to sleep. In the morning his dad asks "so my son do you still know what politic is?" he answers: " yes, the Capitalism uses the Working class while the Government sleeps, the Nation gets ignored and the Future is full of ****!! "

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Wahnsinn nicht lustig! Wie die Sachen tats├Ąchlich laufen, hast du gut erkannt!

Really funny! You really nailed the way things really work!

Now THAT'S good!

I love this.


I never heard it before, Ha ha!!!<br />
<br />
and, I'm old!


an oldie but a goodie!

HAHA, I've heard it many times before, but still I laugh as hard! :D<br />
Ah, I just love jokes :) old ones or new ones doesn't matter :P