What They Really Mean...

Sales people will tell you anything to make a sale. In fact, they'd sell their own mother to you if you also bought an extended warranty. Here's a brief guide to what salespeople say and what they really mean:

- "I've been authorized to give you a hefty discount"
means "I've been authorized to make you think I'm giving you a hefty discount"

-"You're lucky, this is the only one we've got left"
"We've been trying to get rid of it for ages"

-"I've got a jumper just like this at home"
"It lines the dog's basket"

-"It will ride up with wear"
"The sleeves are too long"

-"You'll find it will stretch after a wash"
"The sleeves are too short"

-"Don't worry about that little mark, you can hardly see it"
"If your surname is Magoo"

-"There's no catch"
"You just haven't spotted yet"

-"All the instructions are in the manual"
"I haven't a clue how it works"

-"This phone is slightly cheaper because it's a second"
"It's broken"

-"You've got a real bargain there, madam"
"There's one born every minute"

Hope you like it!

Heidi x
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Nov 6, 2012