Wife Has An Headache

One night Richard a Police Officer returned home at 4:00am after working the night shift. He opened the door to the bedroom quietly he then took his clothes off in the dark and climbed into bed with his wife.

As soon as he settled in his wife said, “Sweetheart, I have a headache. Will you go over to the drug store and pick me up some aspirin?” Richard agreed so got dressed in the dark and walked over to the drug store.

When he arrived at the drug store, he picked up the aspirin and went up to the counter to pay for the pills.

The shop assistant looked at him for a moment and said, “Hey, aren’t you Richard Petersen?”

Richard answered, “Yes I am”.

The shop assistant looked puzzled and asked, “Well aren’t you a Police Officer?”

Richard smiled and again answered, “Yes I am”.

The shop assistant scratched her head for a second, looked him up and down then said,
“So why are you dressed like the Fire Chief?”
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That's Awesome!!!

I like this one a lot too :)

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i heard of a real case something like that, a soldier stationed not too far from here.
was feeling a little cold one night, so he called back to his house and shouted up to his wife to throw him down a jacket.
so his wife threw him a jacket, he went back to his barracks, and his mates asked.

when did you get promoted, he was wearing a sergeants jacket.

*GASP* LOL... That must have been so awful... I feel embarrassed for him (((titter)))

Very funny,

I think so too, thanks for your comment :)


Ain't that the truth, lol.

Bahahahaha ... To funny.

Glad you liked it Foxxy69.

Hahaha...that's good

I quite like this one :)