The Liar And Truth Teller.

Here is one I liked and figured out. You are in a prison and find two doors guarded by two people. There is a sign that reads: "One door leads to freedom the other to death. These two people both know which door is which, but one always lies, while the other always tells the truth. You may only ask one of them a single question. If you attempt to ask more than one question they will kill you where you stand."
There is a way to find which door is which. Scroll down for the answer.

Pick one of them at random and ask "Which door will the other person say leads to freedom?"
Whatever that person says pick the opposite door.
If you ask the liar he will lie about the truthful person's answer and tell you that the door that leads to death leads to freedom. If you ask the truth teller he will tell you truthfully the liar's answer, which would be the door that leads to death.
krool1969 krool1969
46-50, M
Nov 26, 2012