A Cafe Ruse

Two men are walking there dogs one day. One had a Doberman Pincher and the other had a chihuha. As they were walking along, one said to the other"Let's stop at that cafe down the block. OK. But we'll have to take the dogs home first. They aren't allowed in. The other says "Sure we can, watch this..." He takes out a pair of sunglasses, puts them on and walks down to the cafe entrance. He walks in and the matre'de greets him and says. I'm sorry sir, you are not allowed in here with a dog. The man says "This dog's my guide dog. I'm blind" He looks at the dog and thinks to himself,"A DOBERMAN PINCHER". He shrugs his shoulders and thinks to himself"I guess there using that kind of dog today."He says,"OK sir. You may have the table in the rear. The other man is watching this and says to himself. "If he can do so can I." He takes out his sunglasses, puts them on and walks his chihuwa to the entrance. The Matre"de says"Sorry no dogs allowed." The Man says"But this is my guide dog, I'm blind." The matre'de looks down and sees a chihuwa. He says to the guy "YOU HAVE A CHIHUWA GUIDE DOG! The fellow says"Oh, is THAT what it is?":)
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Yeah, This is Funny...LOL