Lefty The White Elephant Story

A great white elephant gift exchange idea for 2012

During the holidays we gather family and friends together to share conversation and gifts. A gift exchange has been a tradition in many groups or organizations during the season.

In 2012 consider combining two gift exchange games into one by using the Lefty the White Elephant game (step by step instructions). The game uses the story of Lefty to help move the white elephant party to another level of fun and engagement.

The format is like a traditional Right-left game that you played in school. There are three keywords within the story that cause the participants to act. Gifts are opened when the word "GIFT" is mentioned and then open gifts move when the words "RIGHT, WRITE, WRIGHT AND LEFT or LEFTY" are spoken. Like the white elephant gift exchange game there is the opportunity to "steal" from one another and then plenty of great banter between friends.

Give this unique story and gift exchange variation a try this year. As always, the recreation experts at AlbinoPhant hope that your holiday parties will be the best ever...

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Thanks BorderlineMind,
I hope that you can try a unique gift exchange idea every year!

Happy Holidays to you!

seems like a cool game to try. thanks for sharing! happy holidays!