Cheeky Parrot

A lady was walking down the street and she sees a parrot in the window of a pet store. She stops for a while to admire the bird. The parrot says to her, "Hey Lady, you are really ugly."

On hearing this the lady is stunned! She makes a hasty exit and goes about her business.

On the way home she sees the same parrot in the window and the parrot upon seeing her says, "Hey Lady, you are really ugly." This gets her real mad.

The next day on the way to work she sees the parrot and once again it said, "Hey Lady, you are really ugly."

The lady is now absolutely enraged and she stormed into the store and threatens to sue the store manager and wring the birds neck. The store manager apologised and promised the bird wouldn't say it again.

The next day lady walked past the store after work the parrot said to her,

"Hey Lady..."

She paused and answered," Yes?"

The bird replies,

"You know........."
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4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Ha Ha ha Ha.

Glad you liked it my dear :)

now i know what to get the mother in law for christmas.

What, a mirror.... a blindfold? LOL.... You're a cruel man Cyril...

Clever bird! Tehe

The best kind, heheheee..

Lol. hahaha. I want to buy that parrot.

He doesn't know how to behave, lol...