3 Ladies In An Elevator

Three ladies get into an elevator, two are dressed to the nines and one is an old Italian cleaning woman.
The two neatly dressed woman sniff the air between them, then one asks the other:
"What is that?"
"Diamond Scent, swedish, 99 dollars an ounce."
she replies snobbishly. she then asks "And yours?"
"French Satin, from France, 120 dollars an ounce"
the woman boasts.
Quietly the Italian woman farts and soon both woman are sniffing the air again, "What is that" they shout.
"Broccoli Rabe, Italian, 39 cents a pound" the italian woman says smiling. 
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4 Responses Dec 13, 2012


That's sooo gross... and yet I STILL cracked up laughing! :O

ha ha ha ha hah a.. GOOD ONE :D

That's great!! Needed that laugh! :)