Paddy Is Home For The Holidays

paddy comes back home to ireland for his holidays.
he meets his buddy and asks him what he is doing with his life.
so his buddy says, i bought a few donkeys, and i hire them out on the beach.
i make quite a good living out of it he says.
paddy says he would like to hire one for an hour, and his buddy says,
" i've only one left at the minute", and he's a lazy little b*stard.
so he brings paddy over to the donkey, but the donkey will not move.
so he puts the donkeys hind legs up on a block.
and gets two bricks, he smacks the donkeys nuts with the bricks.
the donkey races down the beach at nearly  100mph.
paddy says thats great buddy but how am i supposed to catch him now.
his buddy says, " stand up on this block here"
cyrilpeter cyrilpeter
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

*Whack* LOL...

haw haw he would give usain bolt a run for his money.

I taught Usain all he knows, lol...

teach me, teach me.