Zodiac Sign Says After Sex..

have you ever thought of what an Aquarius, a Gemini, or a Leo would say after sex? Here you will find out all you need to know:
Aries: Oh, I was great, wasn’t I?
Taurus: Do we have to have sex in different positions all the time? I need to hide that damn Kama Sutra book!
Gemini: It was good! Let’s do it again! Just give me a moment to call my mom to whine about the fact you didn’t bring me any flowers!
Cancer: Sorry I’m crying. Its not you, it’s just me. You’re still gonna marry me, right?
Leo: You’re welcome!
Virgo: Let’s do it one more time before I make the bed! (also thinks:) If I ask you to meet me on Tuesday at 9.00, is it ok with you?
Libra: Did I satisfy you? Was I good enough?
Scorpio: Let me untie you!
Sagittarius: Don’t call me! I’ll call you… what was your name again?
Capricorn: Next time we‘ll turn off the lights, and I‘ll be on top! And, by the way, can you lend me your credit card?
Aquarius: Have some more time? I just came up with a new position I think we must try!
Pisces: If you liked it, I liked it!
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5 Responses Jan 8, 2013


Wait a minute... I'm a Scorpio....

And a Snake in the Chinese zodiac.

I love it

:D good one!

Leo here lol scorpio is so true and virgo