The Doctor's Advice Is Always The Best

A man goes to his doctor, and he say’s, “Doc, you gotta help me. I go this terrible headache. It feels like somebody is pounding a nail right through my forehead. Like I got a big pair of pliers squeezing behind my ears. It’s tension from my job. I can’t stop working right now, but the headache is killing me. You gotta help.”
So the doc says, “You know, I do have a cure. Exactly the same thing happened to me—I was working too much, and I got exactly the same headache. Then one night I was performing oral sex on my wife, and her legs were squeezing my head really tight, really hard, and the pressure must have done something, because the headache was a lot better. So I did this every night for two weeks, and at the end of two weeks, the headache was gone.”
And the guy says, “I’m desperate Do, I’ll try anything.”
“Well, then, I’ll see you in two weeks.”
So the guy goes away, and two weeks later he comes back for his appointment and he’s the most cheerful guy in the world. And he says, “Doc, you’re a miracle worker. I did just what you told me and the headache’s gone. Vanished. I feel great. I think it’s got to be the pressure, and—by the way, you’ve got a beautiful home.”
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