This is not a joke or whatever just something that happened recently that I found amusing. My husband and I sleep with the tv on. I usually turn the channel to something fairly dull, like old reruns or something, but this past weekend, we fell asleep while watching stand up on comedy central. So, as the night goes on and things get quieter, the sound of the tv wakes me. Kat Williams is on doing a standup special I have seen already a few times, but now that I'm awake I start watching it again. And...I am cracking out...laughing out loud is an understatement! My husband is tossing and turning and opens his eyes with a look that says "woman you done lost yo mind?!" hahaha. Anyway, I had to turn the channel to nick at night just so I could fall back asleep and not make him more mad. :)
LoriAZ LoriAZ
36-40, F
Jan 9, 2013