"Give it to me" she yelled
"Give it to me now, I'm so ******* wet"
She could scream all she wanted.
I was keeping the umbrella
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6 Responses Jan 10, 2013

hahahahaha so cleverly unexpected :) love it !!!!

Lovely, Short n Hilarious ! Please share more

Lol that is so funny

Lol :)

Lol..It can go both ways dirty and clean; If you mind was strictly in the gutter..

ah huh very good - you are right ;-)
The title is "Dirty" to give people fair warning of what they can expect and so
people who are opposed to a joke like this may skip it before reading if they choose

Nice one. Have to grin....

Thanks, its my kind of wacky humor :)

Life will be too dull without a "wicked" side.