25 Reasons A Phone Is Better Than A Man... ;p

1. It never talks back, unless you ask it to.

2. It's always there for you.

3. It doesn't mind when you dress it up, even in sparkles. Or light pink.

4. It doesn't mind getting lost for a while.

5. It has no problem giving you directions. Multiple times!

6. It never complains about going to the grocery store. Or that vintage store down the road. Or the spa. Or to chaperone your kid's school dance.

7. It's always excellent at communicating.

8. It uses protection and doesn't talk back about it. Screen cover, anyone?

9. It will call you whatever you want, whenever you want, without giving you lip.

10. It doesn't judge you when you ask where the closest soft serve spot is ... after visiting McDonald's.

11. It's always on time.

12. It takes your photo six times without complaining.

13. It doesn't mind helping you make reservations for everything from a nail appointment to dinner at 8 p.m.

14. It's cool with your game playing.

15. It doesn't argue with you when you play Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" for the umpteenth time.

16. It doesn't get bored at the beach.

17. It may give you bad signal sometimes, but at least you never get mixed ones.

18. It doesn't mind when you call two guys in one night.

19. It doesn't judge the types of videos you watch. Including that one of Ryan Gosling dancing in hammer pants.

20. You can touch it however you want (it'll even vibrate for you!).

21. It doesn't mind helping you book a trip to get away.

22. It doesn't get jealous when you read Fifty Shades of Grey.

23. It only needs about an hour to recharge its batteries. Not an entire afternoon spent on the couch watching football.

24. It actually wakes up in the morning when you tell it to.

25. You can put it on silent.
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10 Responses Jan 11, 2013

1 reason why a guy will always be more than a phone. A phone can never love you.

Damn, ... yeah, I hate to admit it, but, um, ... yeah ...

Do you know why married men die before their wives ?


I love reading that. I'm a man who will give you " no lip " You'll like me as you do your phone

Thanks ! That just cheered me up & I really needed it a lot ! Yes a man pissed me off or should I say a little boy the way he acts ! HEY JUST SAYING THE TRUTH ! THANK-YOU !

Awww this is totally awesome... just loved it.. i think it's so funny how i can relate to everything.. hahahaha......thank you so much for sharing.. xx

enjoyed thanks for sharing this loved it

And there are few things phone can't do but depends on how you train your man or how he was trained


I've got a soft serve spot for you in my heart jade. I'd love to scoop you up :) You can touch me any and everywhere and I use protection *sprays Right Guard under arms* may I buy you a happy meal, beautiful...I know the owner and if I say the word, he'll put 2 toys in it....

Lol I love spoiling my phone :p