Who Will Call The Lawyer?!! Dad Or Mom...!!!!

A young kid about seven years old, always talked about $ex. One day in the morning, he was having breakfast with his mom.

Son:Mom, do you know what dad and the maid did last week when you were away on holiday?

Mom was sipping tea and suddenly split it. Mom told the kid, "Don't tell me now. Tell me when we are together. Dont worry i will support you."

The kid went to school. In the evening, all three were having dinner and normal talk going on when suddenly mom asked the kid, "Jim, tell me what you were saying in the morning about dad and the maid?"

Dad: Say a word and I will skin you alive!

Mom: You shut up! Let him go on. I am calling my lawyer in the morning.

Son: Well mom, you see I was playing hide and seek with Toby the dog and I happened to be hidden in your bedroom closet. Well dad and the maid came in. Dad locked the door. The maid took off all her clothes and jumped on the bed. Then dad took off all his clothes and jumped on the maid.THEN THEY DID WHAT YOU AND UNCLE JONES DID LAST SUMMER WHEN DAD WAS AWAY ON A BUSINESS TRIP!!!
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Good one again!!