Prison Fate

There was a prisoner who was arrested for robbing 5 banks. He was taken to a very dangerous prison where many prisoners have died. However he was scheduled to remain in this jail for only a single night and select a door for his prison cell. There were 8 doors in total. Here are his door choices

1#Door: dozens of assassins armed and dangerous
2#Door: A swarm of 1000 killer bees
3#Door: Deadly traps everywhere
4#Door: 15 hungry tigers that have not eaten in 10 years
5#Door: Bombs that explode at the loudest sounds
6#Door: A room that is -20.Celcius
7#Door: Raging fire and suffocating sulphur fumes
8#Door: Poisonous air

Which door should he choose and why? Will he be last that one night?
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10 Responses Jan 20, 2013

1.) Assassins usually only kill people they've been paid to kill...could be that he'd be perfectly safe in there with all that firepower and muscle.

2.) 1000 killer bees...well, if you don't **** them off, thet'll probably leave you alone. Bees are like that...just don't poke their hive!

3.) Deadly traps everywhere...if he just lays down in front of the door, he won't trip any of them, so he'd be ok, don't you think? Or if he's smart, resourceful, and observant he could navigate around them anyways.

4.) As everyone else is saying...if the tigers haven't eaten in 10 years, they're dead...saying they're hungry is just a way to confuse and distract, I think.

5.) Bombs that explode at only the loudest sounds...hmmm, unless he farts really bad in his sleep, he should be fine in here! Then again...maybe they've got some mystical immortal hidden in there who will blast out revelry on a bugle at first light??? lol

6.) -20 celcius is equal to 4 below 0 farenheit...if he has on enough clothes, and was maybe even given blankets (as prisons in most places do this), he could survive just fine.

7.) Raging fire and fumes...again, stay by the door, keep your head to the ground and cloth over your face, you can do it bro!

8.) Poisonous gas? Poisonous to whom, and how much? It doesn't say it's deadly, so he might just get sick and still survive.

Remember, it's only for one night. Most of this could be survivable under the right circumstances if need be, so I say he could choose any door...and since it doesn't say he couldn't, maybe even the door to the lobby where he could just sleep under their desk? ;- )

HELL YES he'll last the night! What's the point if he can't? LOL

he would choose door 4 bcoz acc. to this tiger haven't eat anything from 10 years, so it's clear that were dead and no

Not sure about that but my main objective would to get legless?

LOL! I'm speechless. ^^

I'd go in the one with the most booze!

Ummm..."5#Door: Bombs that explode at the loudest sounds" sounds a bit silly? The Bombs only explode if he makes the loudest sounds? Then choose that one. How can he do anything in that one night that would qualify as the loudest sounds?

What if he farts in his sleep? He'd be screwed! LOL

How loud are your farts that they might rival "the loudest sounds"? I've had some pretty bad ones, but nothing at THAT level. lol I hope you change your underwear after one of those ultra, galaxy rumbling, ***-blasters.

Well, since my head says tigers can't live 10 years without food, the man will probably walk into either a empty room or skeletons of these tigers. I pick Room #4

No, the puzzle states "hungry" tigers meaning they are still alive. What about the room thats -20 Celcius. I know about centigrade and farenheight and perhaps celcius is tha e same as centigrade which means it needs another door.

Do we get an answer?

4, those tigers would be skeletons by now

Room with the tigers cause they starved to death