Crazy Little Girl/ If You Answer The Riddle I Will Annouce The Correct Answer In 3 Days

There was a girl named Kelly who was nervous around an 8 year old name Cara. Cara was just so wierd and she was always so quiet. Kelly would often hear the deranged girl talk to herself or see her stare a people with wide blank eyes. Because of her odd nature, Cara was bullied by her classmates and no one not even the teachers helped. One day Kelly walked to a park that was 3 blocks away from her school. She could see Cara jumping up and down on a sewer yelling three,three,three. Kelly was confused she wanted to ask Cara what in the world she was doing but decided to go to school instead. Kelly had noticed that Cara had been absent the whole day. When she left for home she could see Cara still at the park jumping up and down on the same sewer, but this time she was yelling 29, 29,29! "What are you doing?" Asked Kelly. But Cara ignored her. "I said what are you doing?" She asked angrily. But Cara continued to ignore her. Kelly was angry "Answer me or else!" She exclaimed. Cara continued jumping up and down on the sewer yelling 29,29,29, acting as if Kelly wasn't there. Kelly angrily pushed Cara off the sewer and began to mock her by reenacting Cara's moves. Cara suddenly stood up, removed the sewer lid and Kelly fell right in. Cara than put the lid back on, and jumped up and down on it yelling 30,30,30. But why? Why was she saying these numbers?
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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

She put those many people

Thats the amount of people she put in the sewer?

That's the number of people she's put in the sewer.

Because that is the number of people she had pushed down into the sewer? lol

soon she would yell 300 after you were just fell into the sewer.