1. You go to the petstore and buy a mouse. This breed of mice is extraordinary, and can give birth to twelve baby mice every two months. If this is the case, then how many mice will you have at the end of ten months?

2. You have a jar, and inside this jar is a germ. This germ can split into two more germs every minute, so the amount of germs in the jar go 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on. It takes 60 minutes for the jar to be completely filled with germs. If this is the case, then how many minutes will it take to fill the jar if you start with two germs?

3. A couple walk into the a bar. The woman says "I'll take some H20." The man says "That sounds good, I'll have some H20 too." At the end of the night, the man dies. Why?
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1, Hmmm.. That depends how many of them are male & How many are female. AFAIK Mouse is not asexual right? And how old teh mouse has to be to reproduce....
2. 59 minutes?
3. H2O means water. right? What's wrong? (Donno what H-twenty means. Never been into a bar ever. So, donno if it is some kind of alcoholic drink..??)

1. depends what month the mouse was in when you bought it. If it was its zero month, then the answer is 60

2. 59

3.the man dies becoz he ordered hydrogen per oxide

But H2O is not Hydrogen Peroxide. it is H2O2 (Or 2(HO) )....

Oh Got it. "H2O Too" sounds like "H2O2".