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if 3 cats can eat 3 mice in 3 days, then 9 cats will eat 9 mice in how many days?
labyrinthlife labyrinthlife
26-30, M
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Dude the mice will get eaten in 2 minutes, the first 3 cats were just playin with their food for 3 days.


Three days

Oh God i dont even know wats a mice is how will i ans u laby ??????... : )

Maybe "Mouses" sound better than "Mice" ? Why is english so inconsistent a language...

but we have to bear up with it :)

Hey i know wats a mice is k ...i was just pulling my frnd's leg .....

Oh the einstein appears....

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3 Days .. But this type of questions are good for oral "Rapidfire" quizzing where people don't get time to think. On a forum.. Not so effective...

Just reminds of teh famous question.. "If one Woman can deliver a baby in 10 months, Then how many woman do you need to deliver teh baby in 5 months?" (We refer to this joke to Resource management.. "Okay, With 2 engineers you get the work done in 2 months. I want it in 2 weeks.. take 4 engineers or 5 if you want).