This Student Should Have Scored A 100....

Q.1- In which battle did Alexander the Great die ?..
Ans.- In his Last Battle..

Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed ?..
Ans.- At the Bottom of the Page..

Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..
Ans.- Marriage..

Q.4- The River Mississippi Flows in which State ?..
Ans.- Liquid State..

Q.5- When was Abraham Lincoln Born ?..
Ans.- On His Birthday..

Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People ?..
Ans.- By Preparing Mango Juice..!!

There were many more......but the examiner had a heart attack!
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7 Responses Jan 23, 2013

he'd get some fame if I was the teacher to check questions

LOL. Loved some of these answers. I recently saw a young student's test paper that had a huge brown bear colored over one of the questions. The child had scribbled a note beside the question: Sorry Teacher I couldn't see the question there's a big bear in front of it... Now THAT was a genious young student! ;)

Very nice bunch... more :)

I hope so....

World needs more laughter. Thanks for doing your part.

Thats very funny. The world needs more humour

You sir get an A+ for such great answers! The rest if the class gets an F---- for not living up to the expectations set by him!

Wow thats impressive :)