The Circus

A father and son, at the circus come across a fortune teller. 

"Come on Dad, let me have my fortune told." The boy said.

"Son, all that stuff is fake.  I 'll let you have your fortune told anyway."

The boy goes in the little tent where sits a lady dressed as a gypsy, with a crystal ball in front of her.  She looks in the crystal ball and winces.  "Oh my, there will be a great tragedy in your life."

The boy nervously asks, "What, what will it be."

"First your sister will die,  then your mother, then you will die, then your father will die."

The boy runs out of the tent and tells his father.  "Son, don't worry, I told you all that stuff is fake."

They got home to see police cars in front of the house.  The boy runs to his mother. 

"your sister is dead.  She choked to death while eating," the mother cried.

The boy screams, "its coming true."  The father tries to comfort the boy.  Two days later they are at the sisters funeral.  The distraught mother falls into the grave, killing her instantly.  The boy goes into hysterics.  The father tries to comfort the son but has his doubts now.  He and the son go home and go to sleep.  The next morning the father awakens and goes to his sons room.  Lying there is his son, dead from the stress.

That night the distraught father sits in his living room.  He is convinced the fortune tellers predicition is coming true.  He thinks that he will foil her predictions.  He goes through the house, takes all the knives, anything sharp, the guns, all medicines and everything that could possibly harm him and throws them away.  He turns the power and gas off at the brekers outside.  He barricades the windows and doors, puts all the pillows in the living room as a cushion.  He sits all night worrying about the death prediction.  It was four in the morning; the man was still sitting there with tears in his eyes when he hears from the front porch, "arggghhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh argggghhhhh.

This frightens him almost to death but finally he gets up the nerve to look out.  He opens the door a crack and looks out on the front porch to see:






The milkman lying there dead -   what else.

levin60kitty levin60kitty
Nov 1, 2008